Everlast Power I Tig 200


Product Review: Everlast Power I-Tig 200 DC Stick TIG Welder 110v/220v

Price Range: $550 – $580

Who would buy the Everlast I Tig 200: Anyone looking for a portable (runs on a 6500 watt generator or better) TIG/Stick welder.




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Powerful, Portable and Affordable

The purpose of the Everlast Power I Tig 200 is to provide on-site TIG and Stick welding that is industry capable. This unit is able to weld just about any type of steel or stainless metal. Perfect for fixing a dirt bike at the track or repairing an old bomber’s (circle track racing car) roll cage before for the next race.

For the more experienced welders here forgive us as we talk a little about each setting.


Digital Read Out - Everlast welders have digital displays that allow the user to fine-tune the output amperage to hone in on that perfect ‘sweet spot’. Other welders in this class  tend to come standard with fixed amperage settings on the amp adjustment knob and no digital display. This can often be useless because the setting ends up being either too high or too low.

2T and 4T – The unit can switch between 2t (two touch) and 4t ( four touch).

  • 2t is easy and only requires preset parameters and a push on either the foot pedal or the torch switch. The machine will go through the pre-selected settings (good for beginners and where required amperage can be preset).
  • 4t is more complex. You can’t use the pedal on this by-the-way. With the torch in hand, the stages are selected by pressing on the switch. This is a very precise and controlled feature allowing no use of the foot pedal for those applications where the foot pedal is not practical (under a car, or upside down on a roll cage).

Analog Parameter Control – This TIG gives a lot more control over the welding than the PowerARC 140 TIG we reviewed previously. The  Analog knobs are color coded and easy to see.  A lot of welders prefer the analog interface over the digital. The analog keeps them from going in and out of menus to change settings, and it’s just easier to deal with for some people.

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Power I-Tig 200

Parameters Controlled Include:

  • Up and Down Slope – time taken to ramp up current and time taken to ramp down current for a crater or finish welding ( time is between 0-10 sec)
  • Pulse – for reducing heat and keeping the bead width manageable (unheard of for this price range)
  • Arc Force Control – helps the welder maintain the arc and electrode distance from work-piece by increasing amperage when the electrode gets too close to the work-piece where it is in danger of snuffing out.
  • Pre-Flow and Post-Flow – pre-flow helps get rid of that big blast when starting your arc caused by the initial blast of argon. Post-flow cools the weld and makes sure that oxygen and other gases don’t touch the weld until it’s fully solidified
  • HF Start and Lift Start – High-Frequency is simply starting the arc without touching the work piece. High voltage is used to generate a spark. Where Lift Start, the old school way, is starting the arc by touching the electrode to the work piece


While this unit comes with a nice kit, including a Stick welding cable and (Stinger), TIG Torch with 12 ft. cable and hose, and a gas meter/regulator, the kit does not include the male power cord plug. This can be remedied by purchasing a Standard 120 volt plug or a Nema 6-50 240 volt male 3 prong power cord plug. 120 volt or 240 is your choice.


  • Recommended for E6011, E7018 and most other welding rods
  • 200 amp DC Pulse Tig
  • 160 amp Stick Welder
  • Inverter Class – IGBT
  • Voltage/Phase – Dual Voltage/ 120/240 V/ 1 ph
  • Processes – GTAW-P, SMAW/ DC Only
  • Recommended Maximum Steel Thickness (GTAW) – 1/4″
  • Recommended Maximum Aluminum Thickness (GTAW) – Not Recommended
  • Recommended Maximum Electrode Diameter (SMAW) – 1/8″
  • Typical use setting – Hobbyist, Steel Fabrication, General Repair and Gun-Smithing


5 year warranty exchange protection. 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

Value for money?

The Power I-Tig 200 is a step-up from the PowerARC 140ST. Everlast has produced a great welder here at a very competitive price. No question about it, this is an excellent welder.

Where to buy:

Amazon.com is the best place the buy the Everlast Power I Tig 200. They have the best price, but even more than their customer service is second to none.

Everlast – A word on Quality

Over the last decade the innovation of Everlast and the affordable prices of their Welders have built-up a good reputation with the new and old school operators. Despite the mountain they had to climb as an overseas manufacturer, they managed to establish a solid relationship with the veterans of the industry who are typically the least likely to choose anything made in China, much less a welder made in China.

A recent review done by Jody Doe, the creator of www.weldertipsandtricks.com, featured the Everlast PowerTIG 256EX in action. He was proudly showing off the capabilities of this ‘Made in China’ power supply (welder), with what looked like a fab project. When it was finished, he sat the work piece next to one just like it that was welded with an expensive American made Miller – and the two were almost identical.

This is just my humble opinion, but I don’t think people mind as much, in this global economy, about buying products from overseas if they are getting a quality product at an affordable price. So far, it seems like manufacturing is doing the right things. The workmanship of the assembler and technicians is regulated by I.S.O. standards. This is one of the toughest work standards known to man. Every step from start to finish has to be documented and followed to the letter with zero tolerance for failures.

If that doesn’t make you feel warm and fuzzy then the 5-year warranty should. This is one of the longest warranties offered in the industry. They also have a customer satisfaction 30 day return policy. The customer service sounds friendly and fair. I tend to give a little grace when I hear unhappy consumers. I wonder how many happy customers never take the time to mention the good deeds. One customer on Amazon gave glowing reviews about his customer service experience. Instead of missing a delivery, someone at the helm decided to send this man the PowerARC 200 instead of the PowerARC 160 he ordered; a costly upgrade to cover an out of stock fiasco. That sounds like customer satisfaction to me.

Along with advancements in technology, the global popularity of Everlast has continued to rise year after year. The research and development team has obtained many patents over the years and now supply some of the top companies in the manufacturing industries with quality parts. They never say it out right, but I believe those top manufactures are American. What a hole to climb out of and still Everlast has continued to climb.


PowerARC 140ST

Product Review: Everlast PowerARC 140ST

Everlast PowerArc 140ST



Note: This is a review. If you were just looking to buy the PowerARC 140ST then Click Here for the best price.



Price Range: $200 – $250

Who Would Buy This: Hobbyist (motocross and the like), Artists, Light Fabricators, HVAC Techs, anyone needing an on-site and on-the-spot welding solution. The Everlast 140ST would also be good for farm work and small sheet metal jobs.

The purpose of the PowerARC 140ST is to provide portable TIG and Stick welding for those of us on-the-go and out in the field. These welding machines are light-weight and easy to use.

Pros: This is a great Stick welder that’s rated for 3/16″ steel in a single pass, and comes equipped with Hot Start (automatic increase in output at the start of Stick weld) and Arc Force (compensates for drop in voltage). These features help to reduce sticking and give a smooth and stable arc.

The TIG function is very nice. It is a Lift TIG setup which means the unit will Arc when you scratch the tungsten to the metal work piece. This is a proven TIG method that has worked for years.

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The digital display is great because it allows you to hone in on any power setting. The dial can be turned up one amp at a time to fine tune your output. Also because it is digital, the readout will help you know what setting works best, which helps welders produce consistent results.

The unit comes in a nice hard plastic case which includes the welder, cables, TIG torch, and 300amp electrode holder, and a wire brush.


Cons: The wire bush that comes with this case leaves a lot to be desired. I found a good one on Amazon for about $10.


  • Inverter Type -   IGBT
  • Process – SMAW/GTAW (DC Lift Start)
  • Input Voltage/phase – 120V/240V, 1 Phase
  • Rated Output DC Amps @ 60% duty cycle – 140 (240V) @ 35%/ 85 (120V) @ 35%
  • Hot Start – Yes
  • Arc Force Control – Yes, Auto-regulated
  • Digital Amperage Display – Yes
  • Recommended maximum electrode size – 1/8″ 240V / 3/32″ 120V
  • Typical Use – Portable Repair, Farm, Hobby, Light fabrication

Side Note: Everlast Welders show the duty cycle for the max amperage, which is refreshing because some companies will play around with the numbers and give a duty cycle that is more competitive than it really is.


5 year warranty exchange protection – 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

Value for money?

Everlast Welders are very handy for on-site, at home, or shop use. For the price and portability you can’t beat the Everlast PowerARC 140ST. We highly recommend it.

Where to buy:

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